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Hearts 3.1.0

February 17, 2011 1:37 am

After a week of waiting in the approval queue, Apple has finally put my new versions of Hearts Solo and Hearts Net into the store.

Alas, this is version does not yet include Game Center integration. This just fixes some graphics glitches, and updates the artwork so it doesn’t look quite so horrible on the iPhone 4’s retina display.

I had hoped to have a new high-res version of all the card face graphics, but the ones I’ve included here are just the old card graphics run through ImageMagick, which hopefully defeats the jaggies a little bit. I contacted a couple of graphics artists about drawing me a new set of cards, but they all wanted more money than I can afford for the job. If one of you enterprising readers thinks you could draw me a new card deck for, say, 600 bucks or less, I’d love to hear from you.