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Hearts Net and Game Center

May 3, 2011 6:03 pm

Game Center integration, and by extension, multiplayer games across the worldwide internet, is taking a lot longer than expected. For one thing, I discovered the hard way that it is impossible to test without two physical devices. I was able to test WiFi multiplayer games using only my Mac and a real iPhone, but that doesn’t work in this case. I only have one iPhone capable of using Game Center, so I had to order an iPad, which has not yet arrived. But I’m pretty close to finished now, no kidding. While I’m in there mucking with the network transport, I decided to add Bluetooth support as well, so that local multiplayer games will not require a WiFi connection.

This hasn’t worked really well in the past, but I’ll try again: Is there anybody out there who would like to help beta test? You could be the very first person to play an internet-wide game of Hearts Net.

Note that being a beta tester requires a fair amount of technical sophistication. Despite recent progress, such as TestFlight, installing beta apps is still sometimes frustrating. And if you are not able to clearly articulate how and why things are going wrong, then you won’t be of any use to me.

And now, here’s a little bonus for the three people who read my blog: promo codes for Hearts Net. For those who haven’t done so before, here are instructions for redeeming promo codes. That article is specifically about iTunes gift cards, but you can do the same thing with promo codes.

I was reluctant to give these out for a long time. But Apple recently changed their rules: people who download apps with promo codes cannot write reviews. This prevents people still upset about my neutering Hearts Solo, over a year ago, from using the codes for no reason other than leaving malicious, hateful reviews. Incredibly, there are people out there with nothing better to do than still be angry about that. For the rest of you: Bon appetit!


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