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Hearts Net and iOS 7

October 29, 2013 1:57 am

As some of you may have noticed by now, you can no longer play against other people in Hearts Net using Game Center, if you’ve upgraded your device to iOS 7. I know it’s common for iOS apps to be broken by new versions of iOS, but for me, this is a first, which I was not expecting. Multiplayer games may also be affected if you use WiFi or Bluetooth, but I am less sure in those cases. I haven’t done very much testing yet.

Rest assured, this bug will eventually be fixed. But for us developers in the Apple ecosystem, there is a lot of new stuff to be dealt with recently: Xcode 5, 64-bit iOS devices, iOS 7’s entirely rebooted user interface. Hearts Net has never been the prettiest app in the store, but I am at the very least going to do enough work on it so that it doesn’t look completely out of place in the new user paradigm.

I don’t have an estimate on when I can get to all this, because I’m pretty busy at work right now. But you can be sure that Hearts Net will continue moving forward.

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