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January 30, 2019 8:48 am

I just had a look at my website stats. Incredibly, I still have a few RSS/Atom subscribers for this blog! Despite not posting anything for five years. Incredible.

(Okay, so most of my remaining “readers” are probably people who never bother to prune their subscription lists every now and then. But a boy can dream.)

BUT ANYWAY. I am blogging again, but at a different site. My new blog also has a feed:


Some upcoming topics will be:

* Writing a replacement for the late, lamented Hearts Net
* How a longtime iOS programmer is adjusting to Flutter
* My manual-but-automated macOS backup script

Actually, I already wrote about that last one. Hope to see you all there.

pee ess: WordPress sucks. So, so much. One of the big reasons I abandoned this blog was because I hated dealing with WordPress so much.

It has thousands of security issues per second, so you’re expected to upgrade to the latest version every few nanoseconds to keep your site from being pwned. I dutifully followed “best practices,” for awhile. Until one particular update broke my site, resulting in a bunch of weird database errors I did not understand. I can’t remember how I fixed that, but I know it was not fun. So that was the end of me and WordPress updates. My blog never got pwned, but I’m assuming that’s only because I turned off commenting many years ago, when I couldn’t stay on top of the spam.

I am using Jekyll this time. It’s like night and day. It’s a lot prettier, and much easier to maintain.

Best of all, there is essentially no attack surface. No database, no users, no exploit-ridden PHP files. Even if the worst case happens and the bad guys somehow get access to upload new content to your site, all you have to do is reset your passwords and keys, obliterate everything on your web host, regenerate your site on your own local computer, and re-upload it again. Such is the beauty and simplicity of static site generators.