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let me be your piggybank

February 5, 2009 11:16 am

For many years, I was the primary Allen Brunson on the internet. Searching for my name, roughly 18 of the top 20 hits were all me me me.

Fast forward to the present. The internet is now mainstream. A much larger percentage of the populace has some sort of presence here. It turns out that there are a lot more Allen Brunsons than I would have thought.

Some time in late 2008, the Facebook page for some other Allen Brunson became the number one hit for our shared name. I’m not proud of it, but I have to admit, I was miffed. I’ve spent decades using computers, generating shareware projects and comment threads and zine articles and websites and so on, but this kid gets the top spot? Hrrmph.

Lately I’ve been making more of an effort to advertise. This blog is proof of that. It might be working? As of this writing, I’ve moved above the Facebook guy.

For posterity, here’s the top ten google hits for today:

1) Generic page at LinkedIn for all Allen Brunsons. They must be doing well these days.

2) My résumé on this website.

3) The rival Allen Brunson on Facebook. I also have a page there, but not many friends, so my Facebook page doesn’t appear anywhere in the top 50 hits.

4) My author page at actionscript.org, for the lone Flash article I wrote.

5) My profile page at BeBits. I haven’t logged into that in years.

6) A letter to the editor I wrote on Salon. I wish this one would sink a little lower.

7) A page at classmates.com for an Allen Brunson that went to high school in Mobile, Alabama.

8) A page at pipl.com that’s generically for all Allen Brunsons everywhere, apparently. A few of the details there are from me, but most aren’t. It’s like they made a composite of all Allen Brunsons? A tad disturbing.

9) Another generic page at reunion.com that is again for all Allen Brunsons. I see the guy from Mobile on there, but not me.

10) My page at FriendFeed. I got flattered into signing up, but I hardly ever use it.

I guess I’m thinking about this right now because I’m attempting to make the transition from boring corporate jobs to interesting contracting and startup work. People that are doing what I want to do all have ubiquitous online presences, establishing strong reputations. Sorry, all you other Allen Brunsons, for hogging so many of the top spots, but I need the exposure. Heh!